Friday, April 23, 2010

Why "One splinter at a time" ?

I chose "One splinter at a time" as my web address because life is just that: one splinter at a time. Splinters hurt like crazy but they don't kill you (well, not that I know of). Even after you remove the splinter, your finger feels a little sore but there is a sense of relief once it is gone. I think the soreness is a good reminder of what we experienced and overcame: "You made it and you're ok". The funny thing is that you'll get another splinter again no matter how careful you are. How difficult is it to remove the splinter when it is really embedded in your finger ? Oh the drama and the suffering we go through !:  "Get the magnifying glass and the tweezers ! I'm dying !" Yes, I'm exaggerating just a little bit.

When we encounter difficult moments in our lives, do we lose our minds or do we try to deal with the "splinters" with patience ? If out of desperation you rush to remove the "splinter(s)", you will only make things worse because the "splinter(s)" may break and then it will be truly difficult to remove.

Being patient and doing things correctly the first time around will enable you to handle circumstances in a much more productive manner. Dealing with things one issue at a time is better than drowning ourselves in every dilemma that life throws at us.


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs! xOo

  2. Wow, Xela! Using a splinter as an example it is brilliant! You just put me to think on the splinters of my life, and as i go back in time and think...PATIENCE! is the perfect word to use. In the past I always acted out of impulse,which by the way "got me in trouble" but now I read your blog and compare myself to then and now, Wow! I've changed. I have the patience that I need to deal with life in a rational way. I think before I act now, back then it was pure FUEGO!!

  3. Awesome analogy!...and go ahead and blog about everything...blogging about just one topic limits your audience and becomes so mundane...luv ya mucho Xela!


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