Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My heart sunk to my feet,

a feeling I often dread;

Unanswered questions, uneasy feelings

and much confusion in my head.

What did I do wrong this time

to make you so furious ?

Am I annoying ? Are you hiding something ?

That is what I'm curious.

Lately much concern and worry lay heavy in my heart

For the sake of not being reprimanded by you,

in private I fall apart.

Living in the dark makes me desperately

seek the precious light

I'm not even angry, just simply hurt;

I don't think I'll sleep tonight.

At times I wonder if ever you have

any good things to say about me.

To avoid stressing you I wait patiently

and simply let you be.

Your words and actions at times resemble

a perfect fairy tale.

Not sure if it's an act to prove to me

that you can never fail.

Honesty and communication ,

that is all I ask.

Not a show or an unnecessary act;

please remove that mask.

Given the chance, I speak beautifully about you

even when I'm mad.

My heart tells me that is not the case with me

Can't lie, it makes me sad.

I can still hear you yelling and cursing.

Why do you speak to me that way ?

Don't worry in respects to you, when I speak to others,

only good things will I say.

My creator knows my heart.

He knows all that troubles me.

Wish you could visualize what I'm feeling

just so you can see.

I finish this off by simply saying

that I will love you forever.

I put this all in God's precious hands

and hope that things get better.

By: Belinda De La Cruz (Feb. 25, 2010)


  1. No words can really tell you how this made me feel. I absolutely love it.
    Great share Xela ... thank you.


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