Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why do we cry over spilled milk ?

Isn't it funny how we have cried our butts off when someone broke up with us, a marriage failed or we lost something of material worth, ONLY to later realize that God had something better for us ??? When are we going to learn ?    (:


  1. Great question Xela; will we ever learn? I suppose it would depend on the person.

    There will be situations that when “handled” correctly we allow God to do His will. Then there may be other scenarios which we will scream, kick and fight all the way to the end because we place OUR personal agenda before God’s will. Then when that ONE thing we are struggling to hold on to is “yanked” from right beneath us, we act shocked and get angry.

    How can this be? How can God allow this to take place?

    HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, have we been taking up this matter with Him in prayer? Have we not seen the signs that this friendship is toxic? That we have been negatively influencing our marriage with ill words? That the sports car you just purchased to make a statement is actually more than you can afford?

    We are smarter than we let others know. We saw the signs (God’s whispers) that a particular situation was not for us but still WE FOUGHT IT TO THE BITTER END TO GET and now we are surprised it fell through? Who are we kidding?

    I hope to always have an ear for God and accept what he has provided for me and my family in the “here & now” because it will always be for our benefit. God is good all the time, in every situation and under all circumstances.

    Love ya’ Xela

  2. Bravo, MoM2006 ! (:


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