Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feeling like a nudist in a tuxedo colony...

It sucks to feel like the outsider. It is like High School all over again. We think to ourselves: "Should we compromise who we truly are for the sake of fitting in ? or Should we be true to ourselves and our beliefs and not concern ourselves with what others think about us ?"  I believe it varies from person to person. Some people enjoy being "chameleons" and having the ability to socialize in almost any type of environment (my wonderful husband is one of those people). Others are only comfortable around certain social environments. I guess the real question is, should we make an effort to be more approachable even if it means having to change a little ? I believe that Barbra Streisand said it best when she said: "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world".  She is right. People need people. Having the desire to be around others is a blessing especially in today's world. Today, many people close themselves up to others; the internet is their best friend. Then we wonder why we have serious communication issues.

The majority of individuals hate feeling lonely. God created Eve for Adam because He (God) noticed that Adam was lonely ("It is not good that man should be alone" -Gen. 2:18).
After a while, constant loneliness creates a block of ice around a person's heart making it more difficult to penetrate the heart. So instead of feeling like a nudist in a tuxedo colony and excluding yourself from all the fun,  dress to the nines and try to blend in without losing yourself. Making that small sacrifice will significantly be valuable to others. It will be challenging but worth it to save your marriage, relationship with co-worker, relationship with friend and/or relationship with family members.

One Night Only Barbra Streisand and Quartet at The Village Vanguard September 26,2009 (DVD/CD)

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  1. I for sure am no chameleon but believe that I can blend in a variety of environments. I believe this to be true because I do not consider myself a "moral compass" so although I may have strong beliefs or a different opinion does not make me any better than the next person, you know?

    Xela makes a good point by suggesting that we "dress to the nines" and blend with others; it is possible to do so without losing yourself.

    Loneliness sucks ... totally true. We should go out and be a "light" to others, salt with our behavior and words. People will know our hearts from the contents of our words.

    Let us not only nourish our current relationships but be on the look out for opportunities to extend a hand or kind word to someone.

    Xela ... I am all dressed up and have no where to go ... let us go and plant new seeds (flowers) ... cultivate, water and wait. A new day is upon us.

    Love ya! :)


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