Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Open Wound

Out of sight out of mind; within reach, in my mind.

Why does life go full circle ? Now I fear what I find.

It was not a dream but a beautiful reality.

My heart now sees it as a cruel brutality.

Is it enough to have distant memories,

when I want near fantasies ?

They say the heart knows what the mind cannot understand.

What I would give to feel you close enough to hold your hand.

Do I dread ever knowing you or should I cherish what we had ?

Simply pondering over that question makes me sad.

I will settle for the sweetness that your heart brought to me.

You will forever be a part of my soul, don't ever set me free.

By: Xela (inspired by the movie Casablanca ♥)

Click here to see short classic clip:
Time Goes By (Casablanca)

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