Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Kings 19:11-13

1 Kings 19:11-13 – And after the fire came a gentle whisper

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  1. Are we listening? Powerful piece Xela … powerful. So true how we await the “thunderous” response and from a prayer request and wind up feeling disappointed when it appears that our prayers have not been heard. But God answers every prayer, not how or when we want but how His will would have it.

    I figure if we have choices then we are already ahead of the game.

    When I got up this morning I could have:
    Complained about the cold weather, curse my demanding job, be sad that my son is not well, act crazy while driving to work because of inconsiderate drivers. I could have complained that my clothes were not the latest fashion, my desk has been over taken by paperwork , that people around me are disrespectful and that I have a mess at home waiting for me when I get there in the evening. All true to a degree but wrong approach.

    Instead I choose to say: (at least for today … lol)

    This crisp weather allows for a nice hair day, I have a job to go to, Amen. My son may not be feeling well but it is not a terminal disease and the traffic jams? No problem, it allowed me more prayer time. I may not have the latest outfit but my clothes are clean and fitted. My cluttered desk will keep my mind busy and challenged and those grumpy old folk around me? Kill them with my smile. The mess in my home that requires cleaning or being picked up off the floor? Means I have things; toys, furniture, tv, frames, laundry, dishes, food … things that feed, nourish and give us a bit of comfort.

    At the end of the day Xela’s scripture share reminds me that with all the talking we do and the busy schedules we keep we should practice the art of LISTENING. I know I do not want to miss one single WHISPER the Lord may have for me.
    Love ya Xela!!!!

  2. MoM2006:
    I always look forward to reading your comments. They are very insightful and on point. God Bless ! (:


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